Our mission is preparing students to meet the challenges of the 21st century from an authentic sense of self. Odyssey combines high academic standards with a deep sense of knowing self and encourages a meaningful relationship between the two. We are a community-centered institution spanning pre-k through high school with a low student-teacher ratio.





The Kindergarten-1st grade program at Odyssey Community School offers a unique integral classroom honoring each child’s inherent wholeness, reaching all students through recognizing learning styles and teaching through all six strands: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, aesthetic, and moral.  
2nd & 3rd grade

Our second and third grade curriculum is designed to help students use critical and creative thinking skills to make connections across the disciplines. Teachers focus on cultivating a love of reading, writing, and learning, and emphasize the development of our Essential Learning skills to encourage independence, self-reliance, and confidence in discovery.  Students learn about geography, history, and archaeology in their explorations of the world continents and cultures,  working in groups to record observations and notes about the natural and cultural history of each new region explored. This research is used for analysis of facts as well as for creative projects sparked by imagination and curiosity. These “travels” offer a window to the world, through which students look not only at indigenous plants and animals but also at distinct habitats and contemporary environmental ecological concerns.


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