The Benefits of an Odyssey School Education

In an age of uncertain public and chartered education standards, an overwhelm of testing and overpopulated classrooms, new charter offerings that are free, and tuition-based private options, how do you make the best choice for your child?

The options may be daunting, but we will do our best to simplify why Odyssey School is the best choice for your family.  We offer academics with a brave heart and are passionate about the value of an Odyssey School education, both to your family and to our shared future.

Odyssey School strives to provide the following for every student:

  • Low academic ratios with class sizes designed to offer an optimal, personal learning environment
  • An individual care plan to best support goals set by a team comprised of the student, the family, teachers, and the Director of Programs
  • Support in mastering a passion of their choice every year, from kindergarten through high school graduation
  • Mobility throughout grade levels to best achieve his or her optimal rate of challenge in any number of subject areas
  • Compassionate communication skills
  • Interpersonal and intrapersonal navigation tools
  • Metacognition and reflection
  • An exposure to a variety of methods of centering and stress-management, cultivating peace and confidence.
  • The opportunity to build lasting mentorship with our teachers
  • Lifelong learning skills critical to success and happiness


When your child graduates from Odyssey School, they will:

  • Know how to communicate effectively and compassionately
  • Embrace their personal style of leadership
  • Feel empowered to advocate for themselves, their environment, and their community
  • Understand the steps required to master their passions
  • Have the grace to mediate and resolve conflict
  • Appreciate perspective and the integrated nature of the world we live in.


Curious about how we accomplish such bold and inspiring objectives?  Please visit our classrooms, review our student work, our core values, and how we demonstrate each.  We would love to meet you and your family, sit together, and answer any questions you may have!  Call now to schedule a tour.


Preparing students, families, and educators to lead the 21st century with an authentic sense of self.

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