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Magic: The Gathering Camp is Back!

Magic: The Campening is returning, back by popular demand! Odyssey is teaming up with local game store, The Gamer’s Haunt, for a second year to provide a safe place for kids to build and test their skills, make new friends, and have fun. Magic: The Campening is a camp designed for campers interested in the strategic trading card game Magic: The Gathering. Whether you are new to Magic: The Gathering, or a long-time player, Magic Camp has something for everyone. As a game, Magic helps players develop close reading skills, logical thinking, social skills, and creativity. Campers will spend each morning at Gamer’s Haunt, then return to Odyssey in the afternoon for swimming and active play.
This year we are offering two different Magic Camp experiences. Week 1 (July 19 – 23) will be focused on Standard and Pioneer formats, and will be geared towards newer players. Campers will learn how to build a deck, draft, sideboard, and play strategically. The week will culminate in a Standard tournament in which players will compete for Magic The Gathering prizes such as a playmat, deck boxes, and sealed packs.
Week 2 (July 26 – 30) is designed for more advanced players (though beginners are still welcome!). Campers will learn about Commander and Pauper formats, learn how to build a 100 card commander deck, and have the chance to try out older formats. In this week, every camper will get to build a new Commander deck as well as draft the Commander Legends set to help build their collection.
Week 1: July 19th – 23rd: Standard and Pioneer Formats (best for beginners)
Week 2: July 26th – 30th: Commander and Pauper Formats (best for intermediate players)

In July and August, every week Odyssey Campers can choose a special camp class in the afternoons!



Art Supplies in a Holistic School

Student artists will discover their creative and artistic uniqueness exploring watercolor, pastel, acrylics and charcoal techniques in this class taught by seasoned artist, Teri Adams. Sessions will include learning how to draw and paint animals, landscapes, and portraits in the Chinese brush style, French Impressionism technique, and much more! Visit www.teriadams.com to see more.



Chess After School Club in Asheville

National Master chess player Neal Harris is returning to Odyssey to teach chess at camp! Campers will learn the basics of chess like how each piece moves, as well as more advanced ideas like openings and strategy. Campers will also play chess variants like Bughouse as a fun way to learn! 




Taught by Lydia Hearne, summer ceramics is all about creative whimsy! Students work with texture, handbuilding, and underglazes to create up to four projects to bring home. 



High School Students Singing in a Holistic School

Odyssey graduate, Lexi McGraw (pictured center) is offering another new music special class this summer! Lexi plays and teaches a variety of instruments, and in this special class campers will have the opportunity to explore a variety of instruments, including guitars, ukuleles, keyboards, and drums!



Large homemade leaning shelter of sticks outdoor education

Bella Wells-Fried, an Odyssey High School graduate, is leading this special class in which students get to have fun exploring wilderness survival skills like building and tending a campfire, making a lean-to shelter, making a blow-dart gun from bamboo, and moving stealthily through the forest! Younger campers will expand their creativity by making crafts with natural found objects like sticks, leaves, rocks, and flowers!

For a schedule of which classes are offered when, please view our camp registration forms.



We also offer swim lessons during camp! For more information, please give us a call.

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