Special Camps, 7-12

Teen adventure camp

Odyssey Teen Adventure Camp!

A summer day camp experience designed specifically for rising 9th – 12th grade students who are seeking outdoor adventure, team building, and leadership opportunities. OTAC seeks to nurture a love of the outdoors in high school age campers, as well as help build confidence, strength, skills, and social intelligence. Everyday of OTAC, campers will experience the world through action, activity, and reflection.

Along with their campmates, campers will push themselves physically through activities like rock climbing, kayaking and paddleboarding, mountain biking, white water rafting, and hiking. Campers will also spend time helping their community through service partnerships with organizations like Asheville Greenworks, Brother Wolf, or Manna Food Bank. Our goal is to help campers build confidence in themselves and discover new passions in the great outdoors!

Ages 13- 16yrs, $400/ week 

Week 1: July 11th – 15th

Week 2: July 18th – 22nd

Week 3: July 25th – 29th

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Magic: The Gathering Summer Camp

Magic: The Gathering Camp is Back!

Magic: The Campening is returning, back by popular demand! Odyssey is teaming up with local game store, The Gamer’s Haunt, for a third year to provide a safe place for kids to build and test their skills, make new friends, and have fun. Magic: The Campening is a camp designed for campers interested in the strategic trading card game Magic: The Gathering. Whether you are new to Magic: The Gathering, or a long-time player, Magic Camp has something for everyone. As a game, Magic helps players develop close reading skills, logical thinking, social skills, math skills and creativity. Campers in the beginner and intermediate groups will spend each morning at Gamer’s Haunt, then return to Odyssey in the afternoon for swimming and active play. The advanced group will spend the whole day at Gamers Haunt and will have pick up there.

 This year we are offering three different Magic Camp experiences:

 Week 1 (June 13th – 17th) will be for Advanced Magic the Gathering players focussing on deck building and advanced play strategies including older formats like Modern, Legacy and Commander. The advanced section is for campers aged 11-16 who have prior experience with playing Magic. $350/ week

Week 2 (June 20th-24th) is geared more towards newer players aged 8-13. Campers will learn how to build a deck, draft, sideboard, and play strategically. The week will culminate in a Standard tournament in which players will compete for Magic The Gathering prizes such as a playmat, deck boxes, and sealed packs. $350/ week

 Week 3 (June 27th – July 1st) will be geared toward intermediate players, although it is open to anyone aged 8-13. This week will focus primarily on the Commander and Pauper  formats.Campers will learn how to build a 100 card commander deck, and have the chance to try out older formats. In this week, every camper will get to build a new Commander deck as well as draft the Commander Legends set to help build their collection. $350/ week

Magic the Gathering Club at Private School