Odyssey Summer Reading Academy for 2024

Odyssey’s Summer Reading Academy is a tutoring program offered in the summer months of 2024.

At Odyssey, we take reading very seriously.  All children have the right to read!  According to Map Growth Data, students lost between 17% and 34% of what they learned in the year.  The great news is that with some extra support in the summer, students can thrive!   


This summer, we are offering tutoring for students at three different levels.  Tutoring will take place in an Odyssey classroom at 2:00 or 3:00.  Students will meet with a teacher 2 times a week for 45 minutes. If your student is already at Odyssey camp, we can go get them.  The teacher will be Robin or another Orton-Gillingham trained, highly-qualified, Odyssey teacher. 


Step One- (Beginners)This program is for students who are working on learning basic phonics skills like letter sounds and letter formation. 

Step Two- (Intermediate) This program is for students who know some basic phonics skills and need to step up to the next level and learn more complicated spelling rules.  

Step Three- (Fluency Level!)  This group is a group that knows most spelling and phonics skills and are ready to leap into reading fluently.  Once students start to read fluently they become independent readers.  We will use researched based techniques to create lifelong readers! 

If your child has different needs, let us know and we can create a group for them.  

Program Fee

Students will meet two times a week for (45 minutes each time.  The price is $140 per week.

If you would like to sign up for every week, you can get the discounted rate of $1,000!  We do have some scholarships available.  Let us know if you need them! 

**We are unable to offer reimbursement for missed tutoring days.  Please be careful to attend the days signed up for.  Let us know if there are any exceptional circumstances. **

Here is the JotForm Signup! 

         3-4 Students Reading in an Integral SchoolPrivate School 2-3 Students Reading Books

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