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Affording Odyssey

Please Note: Odyssey does not offer financial aid in pre-kindergarten.

Odyssey School is committed to economic diversity. To support this commitment, the school receives the Opportunity Scholarship and NCSEAA disability support. We also annually allocate tuition assistance to families who would not otherwise be able to attend. Approximately 15% of our families participate in our Financial Aid program. 

A number of factors are taken into consideration in the allocation of financial aid, including family income, size and assets, basic living expenses, total tuition and childcare costs, any extraordinary expenses as well as the local cost of living. Financial Aid decisions are also informed by available resources, the number of qualified applicants, and how robust our fundraising picture is as a whole. Please note that priority consideration is given to families who submit all materials according to the deadlines and that these funds can and do run out.

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For the 2024–2025 school year, applications must be submitted by March 20, 2024. A signed copy of your most recently filed federal income tax returns with all schedules, W2’s and 1099’s must be attached to your application.

We are happy to provide technical assistance upon request. 

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Financial Aid:

1. Will applying for financial aid affect my child’s application for admissions?

A: No. Our admission and financial aid processes are separate. Odyssey School does not use tuition assistance requests in assessing a student’s eligibility for admission.

2. Is my financial information confidential?

A: Yes. Odyssey School does not publicly identify participants in our financial aid program. Our finance committee treats applications for financial aid as strictly confidential. 

3. Do we need to apply each year for the Financial Aid program?

A: Yes. Because financial circumstances change, families must apply each year for the tuition assistance program. Odyssey strives to provide tuition assistance as long as the family continues to qualify and the student is enrolled.

4. What is the timeline?

A: A stated deadline for submitting a financial aid application is March 20, 2024. Decisions are shared with returning families upon re-enrollment in February and newly admitted families between March and April, along with acceptance letters. If you are applying at a different point in the year, we will still consider the request, however please know that nearly all financial aid is distributed in late spring and the availability of awards is much less likely in other times of the year.

5. If my family has historically paid full tuition, can we apply for financial aid in subsequent years?

A: We expect that families who begin by paying full tuition to the school will continue to do so unless unforeseen circumstances make that impossible. However, if your financial situation has changed significantly, you should apply for tuition assistance and include a detailed explanation of the change.

6. What if parents/guardians are separated or divorced?

A: Odyssey School considers all relevant family resources when making decisions about financial aid.

7. Does Financial Aid cover other costs beyond tuition?

A: While we try to minimize extra fees beyond tuition and publish all fees up front, we do generally ask families to contribute these dollars to help us cover extra costs for things like materials, technology, and experiential trips.

8. What forms does Odyssey School require?

A: Before you sit down to work on your application, gather your most recent 1040s, W2s, and any other forms you file with your taxes. Odyssey’s finance committee reserves the right to request any bank statements representative of trusts or other account statements (including statements for your child if your child has assets), and any other debt or asset-related documents.

9. If we cannot pay the Family Contribution noted in the award letter, is there an appeal process?

A:  Yes. Please notify Rebecca Jordison, Director of Finance ( or 828-259-3653 of your request for an appeal and submit all written documentation that you feel may provide our Financial Aid Committee with additional insight into your financial picture. More than likely, you will be asked to set up an appointment to discuss, in detail, your particular situation and the circumstances for your appeal.

10. Is there a waiting list for Financial Aid?

A: Odyssey School always has more students qualifying for tuition assistance than we have the ability to fund. In the event the funds become available, we will contact you.

11. Can I sponsor a family’s tuition?

A: Yes and thank you for your support. 

12. I still have questions regarding this process and Financial Aid. Whom should I contact?

A: Rebecca Jordison, Director of Finance:

13. How much does it cost to attend Odyssey School?

A: Tuition Breakdown:

Click Here for Pre-K Tuition and Fees 

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Not included in tuition: lunches, after school care, some field trips, yearbook or student photos; individualized programs or special tutoring.

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