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After school clubs vary from year to year and depend largely upon the interests of the students.  Clubs that Odyssey has offered in the past include mindful kids, tennis, skateboarding, slime club, performing arts, gardening, french, ukulele, ping pong, rock ‘n roll band, chess, and film.

This fall, we’re offering opportunities at every age level!

Ceramics with Lydia Hearne (3rd-8th Grade), on Mondays; 3:45-4:45pm

Runs September 10 – October 29

6 week session, $120

This will be a hand-building class in clay. We will explore some different techniques for working and constructing with clay, creating pieces that the kids can use in their everyday lives!  We will make textured mugs, plates, and some more decorative/ sculptural works as well. Toward the end of the session, we will spend some time glazing, and our works will be fired.






Hospitality League with Eli Brasch (5th-8th grade); Games on Tuesdays from 3:45-5:00 pm and Practice on Wednesdays at 2:30-3:00

Starts September 19th

Seasonal Registration, $30/season

Hospitality League is a coalition of independent and charter schools offering supportive, fun-centered competitive sports. Through the year, we play Flag Football, Basketball, and Soccer. Students may register by season, but all are encouraged to join! Eli is looking for a coaching partner(s) – interested parents should email him directly:



Magic: The Gathering Club with Gabe Johnson, Andrew Rabin, Paul Forrest, Alyssa DeRonne, and Linda Guarin; Games on Thursdays from 4-5:00 pm.

Runs September 20 – January 17

There is no charge for this club, just bring your game face!  The game of Magic fosters social, critical, and creative thinking, as well as cultivating strategic, mathematical, and reading skills, and for good measure – an element of art appreciation!




Bits and Bytes: Computer Skills for Students with Nicholas Rake (2nd-5th grade) on Wednesdays; 2:00-3:30 pm.

Beginning September 12th, 2018

Drop-in classes, $8 each

This after-school class will teach students computer skills using fun and educational resources including the BBC Micro:Bit. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of coding as well as web page design, online security, command-line usage, and more.  Additionally, the students will have opportunities to learn a bit about music synthesis, using the new BlipBlox synthesizer, made especially for kids.





After School Arts with Teri Adams (3rd-6th grade) on Wednesdays from 2-3:30 pm.

Beginning September 5th, 2018

4 week on going sessions @ $120 per session, with a 20% discount rate for siblings

Student artists will discover their creative and artistic uniqueness exploring watercolor, pastel, acrylics and charcoal techniques. The sessions will include learning how to draw and paint animals, landscapes, and portraits in the Chinese brush style, French Impressionism technique, and much more!



Terpsicorps meets on Fridays

Starts September 21 – November 16th

Culminates in a performance at the Academy at Terpsicorps Performance Space on November 17th.

1501 Patton Ave 28806

PreK – Kindergarten 3:30-4:15pm

Perfect for little feet, bodies, & minds, our creative and fun classes allow your dancer to experience the artistic discipline of dance, while joyfully moving at the same time. We offer children’s classes for ages 3 to 12 years old in Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Pre-Tap, Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, Conditioning & Hip Hop. All classes are taught by experienced faculty & follow a carefully articulated curriculum to ensure the best possible experience for your child. Learn more and register here.


GO Club with Nadia Fizette, High School student, supported by High School teacher Ellen Ray (6th-12th grade); Meets on Tuesdays from 3:45-5:00 pm.

Beginning September 18th, 2018

There is no charge for this club. Go is a two player strategy board game that originated in ancient Asia. The game is played with black and white stones on a 19×19 lined board (shown below).  The object of the game is to surround more points of territory than your opponent, whoever has the most territory at the end of the game wins. Go is a fun, intriguing, and intellectually stimulating game which has drawn the interest of multiple people over the many years of its 




Drama ClubMoana Style with Julia Christgau (PreK-K); Meets on Mondays from 4-5:00 pm.

Runs September 10th through December 3rd – with a performance at 4:30 on December 3rd.

12 week class – $300

Students will build magical elevators to go to enchanted lands! They will swim in the ocean, build rafts and magical necklaces, sing lots and lots of songs and use the themes in Moana as an inspiration for guided imaginary play! The session will conclude with a sharing of our favorite games/activities and songs from the semester.  Theater is an incredible tool to help students become more confident socially. It provides them an opportunity to try on characters and even face fears in a very safe, supported, low-risk environment. Julia Christgau is a professional actor and filmmaker who hails from NYC. She loves to bring the joy and magic of theater into the lives of her students.

Sign Up HERE!



DRAMA CLUB Presents The Wizard of Oz! with Julia Christgau (1st-4th); Meets on Tuesdays from 4-5:00 pm.

Runs September 11th through December 4th – with a performance at 4:30 on December 4th.

12 week class – $325

This class will use the world of this classic story to encourage mindfulness and a positive sense of self through improvisation and imagination. The emphasis will not be on set design, costumes or bells and whistles, but on the importance and magic of storytelling and the recognition of our human forms!

Sign up HERE!






Chess Club with Class Parent Melanie Stowell (1st-4th); Meets on Mondays form 4:00-5:00 pm.


Chess is a fun game that incorporates many aspects of the Odyssey learner profile: knowledgeable, inquirers, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced, and reflective. The chess club is meant to foster student’s intellectual growth while having fun.



Guitar Class with Phil Alley 3rd Grade and Up; Meets on Mondays from 3:45-4:45pm.

September 24 through November 5th (no class on October 22).

6 week class, $120

This will be an introductory group guitar class.  It will be geared toward those who have little or no experience playing the guitar.  We will focus on making basic chord shapes, playing simple rhythms, and putting it all together into popular songs.  We will also make time for creativity where kids can work on writing their own songs!  No instrument required, but feel free to bring your own guitar if you’d like.




Math Tutoring with Grant Yost (6th-12th); Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 3:35-4:30

All Year! Free!

Grant will be hosting after school math tutoring for students who need some extra help in their classes. This is a time for students to work on homework with guidance, learn about additional topics they are interested, or catch up in a class that they are behind in.








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