Teshale Byan

Teshale Byan was born and raised in Ethiopia, where he studied civil engineering for four years at Addis Ababa University and moved to Asheville NC, where he graduated with B.A in Mathematics & Computer Science from Warren Wilson College.  Since graduating, Teshale worked with Odyssey community school for six years as a Math and P.E. teacher. He has been working at Odyssey summer camp since the very beginning!

Teshale’s passion for working with children is evident in his joy and laughter when running, playing, dancing, and telling stories with our campers.  One of his favorite things in camp is to play different kinds of running games.  Teshale believes that instead of letting children play by themselves, it makes a tremendous difference when counselors get to be involved in all the activities.  In addition to his diverse life experiences and the joy he brings, Teshale also picks the absolutely best music for morning dance parties!