Staff Meeting Notes – January 11, 2017

Opening Centering activity led by Samata

Building Talk with Andy
Several staff have expressed concerns and had ideas about creating systems of cleanliness in the cafe.  Andy attended the meeting to address concerns and discuss ideas.  The following suggestions were made:
– Set-up a broom and dust pan section with supplies clearly marked CAFE.  Install a wall mount to the right of the fridge to store and organize this.
– Purchase more rags and then create a clean and dirty rag section with cleaning product.  Store supplies in clearly marked bins.
– Keep the cleaning supplies on a shelf at least 5 ft. high so that they are out of reach for smaller kids and readily available for staff and older students.
Cory will meet with Andy to finalize location and system and will send out a follow-up email confirming the cleaning station location.
Last Spring Odyssey began a community-wide discussion about re-configuring our classrooms and creating a separate Kindergarten.  The collected data is presented in powerpoint and can be found on the faculty portal (1/11/17 Staff Meeting Agenda).  Please review the information and contact Megan via email with any concerns or questions.  More time will be dedicated to this subject at the next staff meeting.
Buddy Lunches – next week Thursday 1/18
Next week is the first buddy lunch of the year.  If there have been changes in your roster please notify Shirley so that she may re-assign or assign buddies as necessary.
Best Practices Folder
A friendly reminder to those staff who presented a Best Practice in the Fall to upload your presentation to the Best Practices Folder.  The link is available from the Faculty Portal (see 1/11/17 Meeting Agenda).
Tourist Day in May
Ellen is interested in participating in the Tourists’ Community Day and taking a field trip in May.  If any other classrooms are interested, please let Ellen know.
Adjourn to Action Projects and Collaborative Planning
K – HS invited to use this time to discuss action projects and planning

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