Spring Soccer Shots!

After uncooperative weather this fall, we are excited to welcome back Shelby and Soccer Shots this spring!

The spring season begins on April 6, when Odyssey students will have the opportunity to take part in Soccer Shots at Odyssey Community School.  Operated by a former member of the Odyssey parents family, this is an on-site after school program, open to grades PreK through 3rd, with classes held each week at 3pm (PreK through 1st), and 3:45 (2nd and 3rd). The cost is $90 for the 8-week season and will require a minimum of five students registered.

Our opening round of classes on Apr 6 will be free and open to anyone who wants to try us out!

Soccer Shots is a high-energy, FUN, non-competitive, soccer-centric program focused on developing gross motor skills, group and team play fundamentals, active lifestyle habits, and developing social skills through play. We offer distinct, targeted, and age-appropriate curriculums – all developed by professional soccer players working with education experts.

You can register for classes online at www.asheville.ssreg.org, fill out a registration form after our first class. Feel free to contact us anytime for more details!




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