Shalene Hill

Private School Music Teacher Shalene Hill

PreK-12 Music Teacher

Summer Swim Instructor

Shalene comes to us from an eclectic background in music, teaching, performance, and fitness instruction. She brings both music and song into everything she does, from greeting families in the morning to walking through the halls! 

As a graduate of the Haye’s School of Music at Appalachian State University, Shalene started her musical career in Asheville performing with the Asheville Lyric Opera Company then became the opera singer for a local community theater troop where she had the opportunity to perform opera in some of Asheville’s largest performance venues including the Gray Eagle and the Organge Peel. Since that time she has performed locally and regionally with the voice and string trio the “Freewheelin’ Mamas.” 

Shalene’s teaching career as a voice and piano instructor began by offering private and studio lessons. In 2009, she joined the board of the Azalea Mountain Waldorf school to help bring Waldorf Education to Asheville, where she also served as the music teacher from 2012-2015. In 2015, Shalene was the Musical Director and producer of the Broadway Junior production of “Into the Woods Jr” performed at the Masonic Temple downtown with youth from various schools in and around Asheville. 

After having spent her first two years at Odyssey teaching Infant Swimming Resource and camp swim lessons, and assisting in our 2nd and 3rd grade classroom in 2016-2017, Shalene is very excited to focus on music education at Odyssey School. Teaching in a school in which individuality, freedom of expression and collaboration are valued is what drew Shalene to Odyssey and these are the values that most inspire her classroom!