Robin Skeen

Third and Fourth Grade Teacher

In the summer of 2014, Robin and her family packed up all of their belongings and moved to North Carolina in search of a more natural life.

Robin received her undergraduate degree from the University of Akron in Early Childhood Education, which included Pre-K through 3rd grade age students. After teaching for a few years, she took time off to be with her two daughters, Ella and Julia. While Robin was home with her two daughters, she finished her Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on reading. When both of her children entered school, Robin returned to the classroom as a founding teacher for a new charter school in Los Angeles. 

In Robin’s class, students become authors using the Writer’s Workshop method and are given freedom of choice using the Daily Five program. This program allows students to choose when and where they read, write, and study phonics each day, while helping them to develop self-awareness and inner regulation and is in keeping with the Essential Learning Skills and the Integral Process of Research and Reflection.

For Robin, the most exciting part of teaching at Odyssey is the way that students integrate their subject studies within broader thematic investigations. The class will do a unit on the Cherokee Nation, a unit on the French Broad River, incorporating the principals of water and history of Asheville, as well as a unit on business and industry, focusing on a local business in Asheville, broadening our learning community to far beyond the classroom walls on Zillicoa Street. Integrating the needs and wonders of our community and the individual learner is what Odyssey is all about!

Preparing students, families, and educators to lead the 21st century with an authentic sense of self.

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