Rebecca Jordison

Director of Finance, she / her

Rebecca Jordison comes to Odyssey as an experienced manager with more than 20 years in finance combined with over 11 years of HR. After growing up in Western New York, she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and gained her management experience in varied retail environments, as well as in the legal sector and telecommunications industries. She has served as the principal financial and administrative advisor to the Director at the CI Department of Environment, where she was responsible for the budgetary and financial reporting requirements as well as the administrative, office management, human resource and records management functions. She easily integrates her knowledge successfully into a variety of teams and projects, and she is well equipped to handle uncertain and circumstantial events and issues with confidence and certainty.

Rebecca is lucky to have been raised to value the Arts and creativity, and loves to write, sew quilts, and crochet in her spare time. She has a creative, close knit family full of artists and scientists, and loves to hike and walk in these beautiful mountains!