Our Vision

Preparing students to meet the challenges of the 21st century from an authentic sense of self.

Our Mission

An Integral Model of Education.

High academic standards, a deep sense of knowing self… and a meaningful relationship between the two.

What We Teach

Six dimensions: academic, aesthetic, emotional, physical, social/moral, and spiritual literacy.

How We Do It

We have a low student-teacher ratio.
We teach core competencies such as: critical thinking and reflection.
School without borders + relationships with other institutions.
Fostering meaningful creativity/innovation.
Teaching content within a contextual framework.

A Caring Community is Our Foundation

We’re not an insular institution.
We are family centered.
We develop mutually fulfilling relationships with other institutions in Asheville.
Through CTAC our campus provides a significant public venue (40 hours weekly) to the art, media, and technology communities of Asheville.
We make our curricular and approach to education available to any who wish to reform the present public/private educational policies of our society.