Minal Sonigra

High School Homeroom and Mathematics Teacher

Minal was born and raised in India, where she found her love of mathematics. After working as a tutor for High school mathematics and science students, Minal discovered her passion of teaching.

In 2002, Minal continued to pursue her dream after moving to the United States. She began teaching in Orange County in Florida, and then around 9 years ago, she and her family moved to Asheville. In parallel to raising two kids, she earned her teaching license and second mathematics degree from UNCA in 2014.

Minal strongly believes that we all acquire knowledge and reasoning through a diversity of experiences and interactions in our lives. Therefore, in order to provide education with deeper meaning, her students engage real life applications through hands-on activities and projects, and are guided on a journey beyond the classroom walls. Minal’s teaching style is an inquiry-based approach in which students are encouraged to think critically, collaboratively and independently.

Personally, Minal likes to do yoga and meditation. She also likes to go on long hikes with her family. Cooking different dishes from different cultures is another of her passions!