Lenny McCoy

Private School PreK Teacher Lenny McCoy

Preschool Team Teacher

Lenny’s entry into the field of early childhood education came as no surprise to her or to those who know her well. She has always loved spending time with children and has worked with them in many capacities though out her adult life. Her deep passion for teaching did not come into focus however, until her studies in other areas lead her to it. Lenny received her degrees first in cultural anthropology, from Appalachian State University, and then in holistic midwifery a few years later. After working briefly in both areas, she decided to pursue her deepest joy- spending time with, encouraging, and supporting young children’s development.

In 2014 Lenny moved from Asheville to New York to study early childhood education at Bank Street College of Education and, upon graduating with her masters degree in the spring of 2016, she moved back home, full of enthusiasm and ready to serve the children and families of her community. Lenny spent her childhood immersed in the natural world and very much in awe of it. She has found that her ability to tap into and encourage children’s sense of wonder is one of her greatest tools as an early childhood educator and is something that brings her great joy and inspiration.

Outside of teaching children, Lenny’s greatest love is travel, and she has had the opportunity to live, work, and play all over the world, including teaching in both Fiji and New Zealand. Lenny also enjoys practicing yoga, reading, gardening, dancing, playing music, painting, being in nature, running, hiking, riding her bike, caring for animals, and spending time with her family.

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