Katie Vlasoff

7th & 8th Math & Science Teacher (They / Them)

Katie has five years of engaging the public in science and math in different settings. They have worked as an educational park ranger with the National Park Service, created lessons for museums and science centers, and worked directly with school districts. In the classroom, they are excited to embark on a long-term educational journey with the Odyssey community. Katie has a B.S. in Astronomy from the University of Texas at Austin, where they focused on bridging scientific understanding with cultural and historic learning.

Katie believes that holistic learning within science and mathematics creates a stronger, more capable, and more interconnected society. When not teaching, Katie enjoys playing baseball, rock climbing, researching a bug they just saw, and planning for Halloween year-round. Katie has been charged by a moose, bear, and bison… but not at the same time.

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