In-Service Faculty Meeting Notes, 10/28/15

Best Practice

  • Gabe did a Best Practice presentation on teaching the essay and all writing skills
  • Allison did a Best Practice presentation on Play and Adventure in the Classroom.
  • Both are available in our shared Google Drive folder titled “Best Practices.”

Grandparents’ Day, Autumn Faire, Capital Campaign

  • Feedback collection system round robin related to Autumn Faire and Grandparents’ Day.
  • Autumn Faire functions as start of capital campaign.   We are off to a great start already.
  • Kristin will be working on capital campaigns as a development coordinator.
  • Looking for 100% internal community participation.  We would like to have more institutional/ company donors out in the community.

Fall Centering

  • Meet with buddies in the hallway. 9:30 AM. Sit towards the stage with brief storytelling.
  • Buddies will line up by sword and the stone for picture taking with buddies.  We definitely have one person to take picture,
  • Students will then get fall leaves for leaf painting project in the café.
  • In the event of rain, there are back-up leaves.
  • Megan asked of there could be overlap between picture taking and the painting activity.
  •       The Fall Centering Committee will be discussing a  proposed schedule.  The proposed schedule  is:

:       Pre-K & Middle School go to pictures, then leaves, then go to leaf printing.

K/1 & 4/5 go collect leaves, then go to leaf printing, then take pictures.

2/3 & High School go to leaf printing, then go take pictures.

  • Once the activities are done, big buddies should walk little buddies back to their classroom.
  • There will not be a buddy lunch on Friday.
  • Teachers in the upper grades expressed a concern about the possibility of shifting the class starting time.  Both 1st and 2nd periods will be cut shorter.
  • Reserve costumes will be available from OCS drama program. Please encourage children to wear costumes that are not too frightening and support the relationship with their younger buddies.
  • Please tell students to bring pumpkins that are already pre-cut.  Students are not to bring knives for cutting pumpkins on campus. Teachers have been asked to please post the pumpkin carving contest on Facebook.   They will be displayed in the café.  There will be a teacher to monitor the ballot box.
  • Please e-mail Amanda if there are any new students that need buddies for Friday’s festival. .