In-Service, All Faculty, December 7th, 2016

This upcoming meeting is for ALL faculty (adjunct included!), and as it is an in-service, is scheduled for 2:30-5:15. Please remember to bring some snacks if you’d like!

We will center together, then spend a moment completing the feedback survey for administration (posted above). When that is complete, we will break out into groups until 3:15. Feel free to complete the survey in advance to allow for more break out time.

  • PreK will meet with Courtney.
  • K-5 will work on their Essential Learning Skills spectrum.
  • 6-12 will work on planning Minimester.

At 3:15, we will gather again in the 4-5 classroom for David Novak’s workshop on Storytelling: Tell, Tally, Teach. He will present a number of storytelling activities to help develop oral language fluency, pattern recognition, story invention, public speaking, and communication. This workshop is required for PreK-8th grade.