Giving to Odyssey

Giving to Odyssey

Odyssey Community is a school and much more! It is a community of people sharing a vision of integral lifelong learning. As such, Odyssey includes the whole family in its vision. It offers a model of what a 21st Century school can be, and it offers the greater community opportunities for learning through its Creative Technology and Arts Center. Non-profit organizations and private schools operate with a strong volunteer base and a strong gifting program, as well as through the revenue of program tuition and fees. Our exceptional learning programs demand low teacher-student ratios, as well as cutting edge educational and technological resources. Tuition and fees do not fully cover the cost for these – hence the need for additional community support. If you value the after school programs, the summer day camps, the family pool and tennis program, or the special Fun Days open to all–If you value what Odyssey offers the Asheville community, or even Western North Carolina, as one of very few learning communities developed along the integral model– then please consider helping our program become even more effective by giving a gift that will support children and adults in Asheville for years to come.

Scholarship Opportunities

Providing financial assistance is the single most important key to providing an atmosphere in which all members of a diverse, cohesive, intimate and purposefully small school community appreciate and strive for excellence – the Odyssey Community School mission of integral life long learning is an investment like no other — it is immeasurable. Acceptance into a college or a vocation that is the best fit for the student is only one marker of that success.

Providing an Odyssey Community School education to a student who is otherwise unable to afford it is a gift that keeps on giving—providing each child with a solid foundation from which to build future success.




Odyssey School is an independent, non-profit school with a focus on whole child, emotionally intelligent, personalized curriculum for students in PreK-12. Our mission is to prepare students, families, and educators to lead lives of intention and purpose with an authentic sense of self.

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Covid-19 & Illness Guidance as of August 2023

Odyssey School is poised to have a healthy start to the year! Here are our current  Covid policies and procedures.