Full-time Faculty Meeting Notes, 9/23/15

Administration notes:

  • Megan stated that her e-mail has been significant.  She requested that if you want an immediate response to your e-mails, please note that in the subject line.
  • On an administrative level, there has been a confidential situation that has come up within the classroom community from one of our families.   If you hear destructive conversations/rumors emerging around these situations, please contact the administrative team as soon as possible.  Cory suggested that one way to respond to it was to mention to families that bring it up that the concerns have been heard and will be addressed in a Fairness Committee meeting with due process in ways that are intended to honor the confidentiality of all members and to restore the fabric of the Odyssey community.

Listening Conferences

  • Please complete your follow-up e-mails to parents from the Listening Conferences.
  • Follow-up e-mails are to be mailed within one week of the actual Listening Conferences with the parents.
  • BCC both Megan and Cory for each of your e-mails
  • Jen needs a hard copy of each letter, so that a copy can go into each of the student files.


  • The Stanford 10 is the test we have typically given to our 2nd-10th grade students at OCS.
  • Since that is no longer available, the administration is looking into options including the Iowa and the ACT.
  • At this time, we are leaning towards the ACT. The administrative reasoning is that there is more actual content and nuance to the ACT. Additionally, the ACT has both summative and a formative test models that are available which gives us more curricular, testing flexibility. The ACT test has been updated
  • Megan will be sending out more details to us in the near future..
  • All teachers are to plan curriculum for their classes during the first week in Oct.
  • Ellen made the comment that the Iowa is pretty close to the Stanford 10.


  • On Monday, 9/28, Andrew will clean out the fridge.   Anything without a name and a date will be thrown out.   Kudos were given to Andrew for initiating this project.