Full-Time Faculty Meeting Notes, 11/18/15

Samata did a Best Practice on shifting energy.


  • Diane Lurie (Jay Lurie’s) Mother will be coming on Thursday to talk to faculty about Health Care Marketplace to check in quickly for options.  Faculty can schedule for a 15 minute slot or a separate 1 hour slot in order to sign-up for the Marketplace.
  • Parris Marks will be gifting us a day of treatments (15 minute sessions).   Each session will be an abbreviated acupuncture treatments for stress relief and chi healing.
  • Holiday party for staff members.

*If you are interested in hosting party, please check in with admin.

*Staff Party for December 12th.

*Location TBA. Maybe Grayson’s house!

*White Elephant Gift Exchange (The agreement is that nobody buys anything – make or reuse/recycle)

  • Absences and tardies need to be recorded for liability and legal reasons.  Please be consistent about recording
  • Positively Odyssey is December 5th

                 * Location is Blue Spiral Gallery!

  • December 18th we will not have school as a teacher workday due to Duke Power.

*January 4th is a teacher workday

  • The evening of December 17th is the Festival of Light.
  • Reflection assignment on the following question in terms of admin, school, classroom, team, etc. Please turn these in before the end of the week. :

What should we stop doing?

What should we start doing?

What should we continue doing?