Full-Time Faculty Meeting Notes, 10/21/15

  1. Ellen did a best practice on TIL Today I Learned, I Wonder and an oral Happiness Report.
  2. Learning Partners check-in

· Administrative request: Please don’t send behavioral kids to Jen, please text Cory or Megan to get additional assistance. Sick kids can still go to Jen’s office. There was an idea presented by a faculty member that a child who is misbehaving could be sent to another classroom with a book.

· Megan asked faculty about who had received an e-mail logging in to Act Aspire. No one had.

· There is a workshop on Dyslexia and Jen sent out an e-mail about it. Megan encouraged teachers to sign up. Due to the demographics, HS teachers were strongly encouraged to attend.

· Next week there will be a professional development workshop on Compassionate Communication. Teachers are to read the materials that were sent out as admin. e-mail attachments.

· Blue Moon replaced bottles and we will be charged $8.00 if the bottles go missing. the new bottles are BPA free.

· There was an admin request to teachers to please be mindful about accurate attendance keeping.

· The agreements that were put into place is that in the younger grades, teachers can mark an absence as excused if they get an e-mail or phone call from the parents, otherwise please mark it “unexcused.” If there is a vacation, please have parents communicate by e-mail to Jen, so that the admin can be aware of absences.

· The issue is stickier for older students. It was requested that MS students are to be checked in at one point in the day. If theyare checked in early in the day, tardiness can be recorded.

Grandparents’ Day
· Friday is Grandparent’s Day. Please dress nicely for the older generation.

· Grandparent’s Day schedule will be e-mailed to faculty.

· For MS/HS There are some amendments to the schedule. In the break-out meeting, please decide about the rotation, classroom locations, and what to do with students who do not have visiting

· The question was raised: How are students moving through the activities? Each faculty member will move their group every 25 minutes.

· Admin needs an MC for talent show at 2:00 and potential tour guide for the morning (who has a loud voice). Gabe will talk with Josh about the MC role.

· The tour guide will be needed at 9:45. Gabe has been invited.

· Megan and Cory mentioned that we are posting amazing things on class Facebook pages and the admin wants to move some of those posts to the larger community Facebook pages.

· The admin are strategizing how to transmit some of the classroom posts on the main Facebook page. One of the concerns that Cory has to address the privacy setting/student photos.

· Cory would like it if when people are making posts to Facebook, please send e-mails with copy and paste attachments (related to curriculum) to Cory that can be posted on the OCS Facebook.

Autumn Faire
· The question was raised: Has everyone settled on booth? HS will do coffee, hot cider, and coco as their booth. Cory checked with Courtney about the preschool market in terms of coffee.

· HS will be moving tables in the morning. At the end of the day, the Events committee will just stack them.

· Folks will be setting up from 8:30 AM on.