Full-Time Faculty Meeting, 9/30/15

Introduction of new hires in Pre-K

Melissa will be working afterschool. She has moved from CA. Melissa stated that she has a passion for education and background in Integral Practices.

Grayson will be working afterschool and during some of the regular pre-K daytime programming. Grayson stated that she had a back ground as a reading teacher assistant and as a puppeteer. Grayson states that she loves kids and has a background in conscious discipline.

Best Practice

Robin did a Best Practice presentation that was taken from several materials including: Teaching with the Brain in Mind (Jenson) and How the Brain Learns to Read (Sousa).  You can view her presentation in our shared “Best Practices” folder – there are many useful techniques listed!

Please check your e-mail for a variety of announcements that have been sent via e-mail.

Shoe Policy

  • MS pushback about shoes/shoe policy/PE
  • Must have shoes on in all public spaces, while in classrooms teachers may set shoe policies.
  • No shoes on the gym mats
  • For younger children, shoot an e-mail to parents about appropriate footwear
  • Older students it is in the handbook, please note when students are unprepared as it will effect their Pass/Fail grade in P.E. For repeated events, please also contact parents.


  • Some changes for testing scheduling.  Administrative team will keep us informed
  • Pre-K through second grade teachers are asked to please keep an ear out for e-mails about future testing  in order to be aware of classroom management for distracting noise and  movement during the testing process
  • Teachers have been asked to please put note about testing in the upcoming classroom newsletters (Grade 2-HS).  The note should include the following information:
    • The Stanford 10 test has been discontinued and Odyssey is in the process of setting up for our new program: ACT Aspire Periodic.  Please stay tuned for more information!
  • For all teachers early K and up, please schedule observation with Megan before October 2 on the Google Doc. sign-up.  All observations are to be completed by October 30.

Autumn Faire:

  • Please turn in fundraising applications for this event.  These are found in the faculty handbook under the section titled “Fundraising Procedures,” under “Fundraising” in the table of contents.  Fundraising forms are due October 31, but Autumn Faire booth forms, specifically, are found in the front office and are first come, first serve, and should be completed in the next week!

Apple Orchard trip: Pre-K through 5:

  • Lydia and Courtney made an announcement that the apple orchard trip on Friday has been cancelled for October 2, 2015. The Pre-K will not reschedule.
  • Although there are slots available later in October, there are few apples that are still on the trees that children can pick.   Apples can be purchased at the orchard.