Full-Time Faculty Meeting, 8/26/15

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This afternoon, we will all meet downstairs in the smart board room at 2:30.  We will take a collective breath to mark the first day of school, and then we have a few agenda items to address together as homeroom teachers.  Adjunct teachers are not required to attend the meeting today, but are always welcome!

Today’s agenda includes:

  • Learning Partners, 1o minute check-in.
  • Preparing for next week’s Parent Orientation & Community Meeting
    • Reflecting on our first gathering
    • Planning
    • Communications
  • Reviewing Opportunity Assignments
  • Before School
  • Breakout Groups (PreK, K-5, 6-12)
    • 6-12 will reflect on Journey Week thus far and plan 1 st newsletter
    • K-5 will reflect on Day One & ELS Planning
    • PreK will meet with Courtney

Next meeting, September 2nd, is an all-faculty meeting!

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Covid-19 & Illness Guidance as of August 2023

Odyssey School is poised to have a healthy start to the year! Here are our current  Covid policies and procedures.