Full-time Faculty Meeting, 11/11/15

This week’s meeting will open with a Best Practice presentation by Minal, and we will meet in Andrew’s classroom.

Then we will open up into work time in preparation for conferences. Upper grades will need to meet to briefly discuss 1 item, and then will also be released to work on grading.

Please use the Faculty Handbook as a reference for what needs to be done in preparation for, during, and following these conferences.

Please also consider the following 3 questions, which we will reflect on next week. This reflection can include the greater school community or focus on a specific community (the faculty, your classroom, your break-out group, etc.).

  1. What should we start doing?
  2. What should we stop doing?
  3. What should we continue doing?

Please note that the Festival of Light Committee (Minal, Melanie*, Craig, & Shirley) should start meeting and plan to have a moment during faculty meeting to run through ideas and such with the rest of the staff on December 2nd.