Full-Time Faculty Meeting, 10/14/15

Potential Pumpkin Carving Contest: 

  • Do we want to do it this year? The kids love it.
  • Fall Centering committee/admin be judges.
  • Pumpkins displayed that day and taken home.
  • Teachers will collect the ballots and turned into Jen.

Fall Centering Committee Report

  • Order of the day: Flute music, story, go outside on a costume parade, take a picture with buddies in costume and find leaves for leaf print activities in the café with buddies.
  • Vote for a pumpkin (pumpkins on the counter).
  • Each buddy gets to get a leaf print.  (9:30 AM-10:30AM)
  • Cassidy will be the photographer.  Cory wants her to download those photos before she leaves
  • Costumes are to be appropriate for a buddy

Grandparents Day

  • Grandparents Start at 9 AM-10 AM with Admin.  Welcome A grandparent who can talk about the grade levels
  • 10:00-11:30:  Pre-K in classroom
  • 10:00-11:30 Early K/-4/5 will move through 3 center activities.
  • Students will interview grandparents on chrome book and e-mailed.
  • Art activity tracing hands with grandparents
  • Scavenger hunt with grandparents throughout the campus
  • MS and HS Allison is representing that age level.  There are several students who don’t have local grandparents.  Cory suggested that these students may want to work on semester projects.
  • At the younger grades, grandparents can “adopt” other children for the day. HS/MS can have a significant older adult (not a boyfriend or girlfriend) come in lieu of a grandparent.
  • If a parent really wants to come and enjoy the day with their child, that is fine.
  • 11:30:   Students return to class.  Grandparents will go into the Café for integral presentation and community centering for adults
  • 12:15: Lunch with students
  • Contact Information will be collected.
  • (Cory, Robin, Ellen, Samata, and Allison are the committee)
  • 2:00 Student-led talent show.
  • During the outside time, the Pre-K wants to make sure that there is a play space for the Pre-K.

Autumn Faire

  • Pre-K : Friday market stakes, coffee, plant, jam, etc.
  • Early K/1: Bake Sale minus pies and Face Painting
  • 2/3:  craft can buy the craft process or can buy the completed craft
  • 4/5 chard smoothies and craft ornaments
  • MS: pies
  • HS: Cory suggested coffee.  Gabe wanted to know if there could be a basket auction.  Cory will check with the events committee
  • Megan and Cory will have a pie throwing booth to throw pies at Cory and Megan: $5.00

New Policy:

  • As the decision stands now; there will not be any time-off requests honored for the entirety on the Celebration Days (except for illness or death in the family).
  • There was a request by staff for discernment and revisiting this issue related to the value of non-flexible days.  It has been requested that this conversation include a component about: how much the school is asking of teachers in terms of celebrations, etc.
  • Cory stated that there is an evolution of changing language in the intention of the conversation.
  • It has been asked: Can there be a director present for all celebrations? According to Cory, except in the event of illness-one director will be present for celebrations
  • What about special considerations and solutions/special requests sent to a faculty team in order to get feedback from fellow-faculty members.

In addition:

  • Cory expressed appreciation to faculty for the sentiments on the card for Megan.

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