Full-Time Faculty 12/10/14

*Best Practices presentation by Dan on Brainstorming.

*Faculty Holiday party will be at Melanie’s House North-west of Asheville on Friday after the Professional Development Day.

–There was a discussion about childcare.  Melanie stated that her house does not lend itself to a party and childcare simultaneously.   There was a proposal that Grace do the childcare to meet the child care needs for several faculty members at $3.00 per child.   A suggestion was made that childcare take place at OCS.

–This will be a pot luck dinner. Cory will set up a Google Doc in order to organize food.

–Cory will bring wine, cider, and gin. Some of this was left over from the Positively Odyssey event.

–Weather permitting, there may be a bonfire on the property.

*Teachers will break into upper school and lower shool groupings.  Teachers are asked to access the portal and to sign up for the spring Best Practices presentation and for the peer observations.

*Teachers are strongly encouraged to go on their Facebook page and to invite their friends to “Like” the Odyssey Facebook page.  This process will support the school Facebook ranking.