Faculty Meeting Notes: April /15/15


Fire Inspection:

  • 2-3 feet from the ceiling in closets
  • Cannot daisy chain multiple extension cords.  Power strips are OK.
  • Take down carpets, posters on the wall. Nothing can be within two feet from the ceiling.
  • Nothing is to be hanging off of ceiling or rafters.
  • Must take down Christmas tree lights.
  • Anything flammable has to be taken down.

Sanitation inspection

  • Must lock up all re-usable mugs/ cups in the kitchen.  We don’t have a permit for a kitchen.  We can have one event a month
  • Put up cleaning materials and possible toxic substances in locked cabinets or out of reach.
  • For making Smoothies/pizzas, and other foods.  Please wear rubber gloves and use individual containers, disposable plates, & cups.  Single serve disposable utensils.
  • Pre-K has many additional inspection requirements for sanitation.
  • Pre-K and K/1Dates and names on lunchboxes
  • Need to check soap and paper towels/ keep the towels off of the bathroom floor.

Sanitation Inspection/Kitchen clean-up:

  • Faculty need to clean out the fridge and then the HS will clean out the left –over food from the Pre/K, and K-1 fridge before the sanitation inspection.

There was a question about how to come up with a solution about the HS students that are heating up food at the same time that the 4/5 are making smoothies.

High School responsibilities will be detailed in the High School meeting.

Ellen expressed her feedback that she seems to be is consistently cleaning out the kitchen and that sometimes this is multiple times in a week.

There was some discussion about who is responsible for cleaning tables in the café after lunch and after buddy lunches.

2 Events:

  • Joy and Roy Sleep your Fat Away workshop. There have been some parental concerns expressed to admin about the nature of the event.  Please let Megan or Cory know about grievances so they can follow up.  According to Megan and Cory, we are trying to support members of the community.
  • Compassionate Communication :

$5.00 and there is childcare, 30 RSVPs so far!

Megan suggested the following check-in/ conversation starter with parents: “Are you going to that event tomorrow night? “

Parents respond best when people feel like they are personally being asked by the teaching community.  Cory recommended telling parents: “I think your student is really responding to this set of practices. “

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