Faculty Meeting Notes, 9/9/15


*Make a note to parents at orientation about parking policy

*Faculty can park perpendicular (4-5 cars) well beyond the original telephone pole location.

Families are to park and drop off on the school side of the road.

*Encourage parents to not drop their children off directly in front of the school.

*If the area above the telephone poles is full (for parent parking), parents are to park down by the tennis courts.

*In reference to automobile break-ins, Cory went to a community meeting and officer was speaking about the fact that most  Asheville cars that are broken into have not been locked or their are valuables in sight.   The recommendation is that parents and faculty members lock the car door and leave all valuables out of sight in order to prevent car theft.


*According to Cory, there was a great deal of upfitting of classes at the beginning of the year.   The classrooms look attractive.

*Cory stated that  thinking we are closing out the budgeting process.  We are minus about 10 students.   Real annual campaign goal will be based on admissions

Parent Orientation:

*Each faculty member will rehearse one simple spiel from their Parent Orientation presentation.