Faculty Meeting Notes, 5/18/16


Ø  Please complete the registration form for the First Aid class on June 13th if you plan to attend. Registration forms are in Jen’s office.

Ø  Monday, 23rd Mindfulness at 6:30-7:30 at UNCA. Teachers who attend can come in on Friday, 5/27 at 10AM for the teacher workday. See the original e-mail from Megan for details.

Ø  For a Class Pool Party, please send Cory an e-mail with preferred day and time. Recognize that we will do our best to accommodate, and we may not be able to!

·         End of Year Conferences and Reports

Ø  In the upper grades, grades are due by Friday May 27th by the end of the day (4:00). Please tell the admin team in advance if you cannot turn in your grades by then.  Grades will be sent out from the office.

Ø  In the younger grades, if you have parent conferences, hand them a copy of their report at that time (and submit one to the office for student files).

Ø  Please give two copies of each student’s report to the office. The office will mail out grades and reports at the end of the year.

Ø    The template for narratives has not changed from last year.

Ø  Admin. team needs to know about any grade retentions or families that need a conference.

Ø  If you want Megan to attend; please use Megan’s link to her live schedule. www.doodle.com/mccarter.

Ø  A suggestion was made to put the link in the faculty handbook.

·         Honoring ceremony:

Ø  In prior years, the elementary grades have included one of the following: Reflections related to student treasures, haikus, a recognized a quality in each student, etc.

Ø  K/1 has typically included a slideshow as a visual that shows images of the kids.

Ø  Each class should plan to be on stage for about 8 minutes max, with middle school at ~10 minutes.

Ø  The experience of parents is that they appreciate the small way that their child is being showcased.

Ø  There will be a rehearsal with River on Wednesday at 10:00. (There will not be any music classes that day.)

Ø  The admin team will honor staff who are moving on to new adventures.

Ø  Classes usually honor class parents with a card and a gift (ex: plant).

·         Orientation training list:

Ø  This schedule will be somewhat different for various grade levels.

Ø  According to some teachers, there was an appreciation for the offerings of Steve Torma. The recommendation was that his workshops may need to be more directed for our increasing mastery.                                                      

Ø  CC  is foundational to what we are doing as a school community, and we will continue deepening our understanding.

Ø  A suggestion was made to refresh CC skills with a book study this summer.

Ø  A recommendation was that the workshop be teacher/student-focused. One suggestion was that teachers read the book and act out various scenarios and practice the CC techniques in real-life situations.

Ø  Teacher professional homework or study skills could involve questions such as: How did you use this practice this week. Using the CC practice in real life outside the classroom.

Ø  MV will share the Non-Violent Communication (Marshall Rosenburg) CDs with Megan

Ø  We could perhaps explore CC through other people in the field.

Ø  Faculty generated a list of training ideas, captured by Megan. If you have more ideas to add to the list, please email her directly.

Ø  Could we have an option for teachers to attend ongoing training for C.C.                   

·         Possible orientation/training possibilities include:

Ø  Unstructured time for teams to work on curriculum/Open-ended collaboration

Ø  Was last year a good balance of unstructured time and planned workshops? Yes.

Ø  Classroom management for 6-12

Ø  Design Thinking and Integral lesson planning

Ø  Basil’s sense of integral (It was useful, although it was less applicable)

Ø  Folks might not take things that were optional and still interesting.

Ø  Subject specific spectrum across the grade levels (ex: Math Instruction)

Ø  Orienting lateral entry students.

Ø  Neuroscience of learning

Ø  Revisit homework policy

Ø  Art-based fun and creative training


·         Faculty Members completed a survey regarding how we fulfill Odyssey’s mission.

·         Megan then led a workshop modeling group-work practices, inviting teachers to celebrate successes and brainstorm goals for next year.