Faculty Meeting Notes, 5/11/16

Leaf Performance: The question was raised: what time will classes meet in gym for dress rehearsal /performance for the Leaf performance for 15-20 minutes?  The group decided 11:30-12:00 on Friday.

  • Buddy Lunch

Ø  Buddy Lunch was rescheduled for Tuesday, May 17th.  We need to remember to tell the students.

Ø  HS would prefer to have shorter or no Buddy Lunch at all? *The answer was no.

Ø  Theme: What was your favorite experience of the year?

Ø  The Yearbooks will be distributed, so students can get them signed.

  • Yearbooks

Ø  Yearbooks are in a box in the office.

Ø  Teachers please grab your stack to pass them out to be signed.

Ø  Other students, please bring in something for students to sign (like a little booklet)—if students don’t have a Yearbook.

Ø  2nd grade and up, please discuss what is appropriate to include in Yearbook contributions.

  • Fire Inspection

Ø  Cory and Andy went through the building in preparation for fire inspection.

Ø  1 foot off the floor and 3 feet down for fire code

Ø  Artwork, paper or cloth must be 2 feet from the ceiling.

Ø  Nothing can be hanging (including Christmas lights) (Are plants different?)

Ø  No flammable material on doors

Ø  Nothing that can be stacked up on the floor

Ø  If there is a bottom self-contained shelf

Ø  Wherever stuff is stacked or piled, it must be moved.

  • General Cleanliness and organization prior to the fire inspection and the end of the school year

Ø  The computer room is looking messy; please make sure your students leave it tidy (tidier, even, then when they found it).

Ø  Cory will message any teachers personally who need to clean their rooms.

Ø  Things are looking better in the pool house, common areas, closets and classrooms.

Ø  The kitchen was terrible on Monday.  Under the countertops, needs to be cleaned up.  If you have something under the countertops, please take it back.

Ø  Please schedule time with students to clean and organize spaces before the end-of-the-year.

  • End of the Year Conference/Due Dates

Ø  Conferences for EK/1 -12 are on May 26th for Early K- 12.

Ø  Conferences are required for any students who will need: remediation, retention, and/or special family circumstances.  Conferences are recommended for students when we do not know if they are returning or if their returning grade level has not been clearly identified.

Ø Do not deny conferences to any families who request one! Even if a student has done incredible well and there are no concerns.

Ø  Grades due end of the day on May 27th.

  • Summer Reading

Ø  Summer reading in the upper grades should be assigned. Please distribute a hand-out and send a copy of the hand-out to Jen, Cory, and Megan. These will be handed out to new enrollments in the upper grades throughout the summer.

Ø  Younger grades: some little blurb that have been placed in the newsletter or hand-out about encouraging reading, math, science projects, or other engaging activities to allow them to practice academic skills.

Ø  Specifically encourage families of students who may have challenges to spend some time with that subject area.                                                                                      

Next Weeks’ faculty meeting/reflection                                                                                      

Please come prepared to discuss/write about the following:

Ø  Group wish list for orientation training

Ø  Use your portfolio work to reflect and prepare to share one thing that you are proud of it and one thing you want to use as a goal or inspiration for improvement.

Ø  How did you help fulfill OCS mission this year? Revisit mission statement.

Ø  We will also discuss the logistics related to the honoring ceremony on May 25th, 6:30.  Megan will e-mail any agreements/considerations.

Ø  End-of-the year faculty party: we could potentially go to the Bywater or go to Gabe’s on Thursday, May 26th at 4:00.

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