Faculty Meeting Notes, 4/5/17

I. Best Practices presented by Shalene Hill on incorporating the six strands through music.

II. Lock-Down Drill – because of preschool regulations, Odyssey is mandated to conduct lock-down drills.  The first of the year will take place Thursday April 20th at 11am.  Teachers are asked to have all students go into their classrooms, have a pre-designated area where the students can hide out-of-sight from any windows and to instruct students to be silent and still during the drill.  Staff will receive a text alert from Cory when the trill is about to occur, then participate in the drill, and another text will go out to confirm that the lock-down is complete and you can resume back to normal.

III. May Day Meeting – on Monday April 6th, right after school ends, staff are invited to attend the May Day planning meeting.

IV. Buddy Lunch – The last Buddy Lunch of the year has been rescheduled. If there are any changes with buddies, please email Shirley.  Also, please have all big buddies bring a pencil to complete a buddy lunch activity.

V.  Talent Show – usually each May Day students participate in a talent show.  Planning and coordination of the talent show will occur after spring break.

VI.  Dismiss to Listening Conference Summaries, Action Projects and an opportunity to focus on Peer Observations.  The goal for Peer Observations was to have all staff observed and act as an observer prior to spring break.  If you have not yet completed these Peer Observations, please email Megan.