Faculty Meeting Notes, 4/20/16

  • Earth Day Plans: Energy Conscious Day can be each class can interpret it any way they choose. Consider turning lights down and using less technology, water.
  • PlayOn is happening as the HS/MS play…

Ø  Teachers can go for free.  Family members go for half price for dinner and performance.

Ø   Appropriate for children who can handle 1 and ½ – 2 hour performance with one intermission.

Ø  The question was raised about cost for faculty children. Megan advised you talk to Melanie.

Ø  Money goes to drama club and as a HS fundraiser. Pasta (Spaghetti, brownies, and pies)

Ø  Please make a reservation or e-mail Melanie.

  • Please spread the word about the BEE Social.

Ø  Even if you are not coming hit “Bee Social” /interested and invite your network on Facebook!

Ø  Teachers pay $5 (instead of $15) to attend.

Ø  There will be free child care for OCS families at OCS. We can put childcare in Smart Board room so it does not conflict with May Day set up.

  • Megan handed out folders for professional portfolios.
  • May Day

Ø  Next Wed Staff meeting dedicated to preparing for May Day.

Ø  We can chop strawberries on Wed.

Ø  Megan gave faculty members the option to leave early Wednesday and help after school on Thursday between 3-5 PM.  No upper grades meeting on Monday in lieu of May Day set up help time.

Ø  Ask HS students to attend part of the talent show/ movie.  Past message to students: You are going to cheer and you are going to clap, then you can do an alternate activity, since this is about showing solidarity with younger students. .

Ø  How many hand tools do we have for planting? There are some in the garden and in the greenhouse.

  • Faculty worked on calendar for 2016/2017

Ø  4/4/4 program may add a few days to orientation (Begin August 18th).

Ø  If we do not change the schedule, there will be a faculty expedition in TN with caving and whitewater rafting.