Faculty Meeting Notes, 4/19/17

I. Best Practices by Andrew Saldino – group development and teambuilding

II. UNCA and Parking – Cory informed staff that UNCA is entering into a 2-year construction project on campus that will impact parking here at Odyssey.  100 workers are expected to start parking in the UNCA owned lots starting this month from 7a-3p and grow to 300 workers by January 2018.
– Starting Fall 2017, parents will be asked to come up Zillicoa from Broadway.
– Starting now, staff should not park in front of the school (unless in the designated parking spots across the street).  Staff should park in the lower lot, behind the school.
– Samata asked Cory to inquire with UNCA about installing lights in the lower parking lot to increase safety.
III. Lock Down is scheduled for Thursday 4/20 at 11a – staff will be alerted by text, then they are to move children to a safe space in the room away from any windows and turn off the lights.  A second text will go out alerting that the drill is over.  If you are unsure of where to place the students in your room, contact Cory.
IV.  Independent Action Projects and Portfolio – please refer to the Portfolio Checklist on the staff portal for requirements.  All teaching staff should schedule a meeting with Megan to review the Independent Action Projects and Portfolio.  Please do not wait till the end of the year.
V. Learning Partners – in pairs, please discuss the following questions: 1) What were your goals for the spring and how are they going? and 2) What are your goals for the end of the year?
VI.  Staff Meeting Adjourned to focus on Independent Action Projects and Collaborative Planning.  Collaborative Planning should include the following: 1) summer reading assignments, 2) year-end honoring ceremonies and graduation, and 3) student surveys