Faculty Meeting Notes, 3/8/17

I. Best Practices presentation by Kalyan – Lesson Planning at a Deeper Level

II. Raffle Announcements by Cory – raffle is officially launched.  Odyssey has raised $45K of its $80K annual goal and aims to raise a majority of the remaining $35K through the raffle.  Envelopes and tickets went out Monday 3/6.

Raffle Messaging to Parents: “Teachers do so much in our community, now it is time for parents to show their support by promoting the raffle and selling tickets”

Everyone needs to be involved by continuing to mention and participate throughout the month.  If you need ideas on how to incorporate the raffle into classroom lessons, email Megan!

Ideas for the raffle: provide link to teachers to promote to parents and on Facebook (CF), create a visual of sales to encourage participation (AS), classes can create their own unique prizes for students like letting the top seller pick a piece of clothing for a teacher to wear for a day (AS).

III. CPR Renewal Available for Staff on June 5th from 5-9pm and includes dinner.

If you are in need of CPR renewal, please email Megan and let her know so that she can register you for the upcoming summer training.

IV.  Yearbooks now on Sale – promote sales and submit photos to Mayven.

V. Ingles’ Student of the Month opportunity through WNC Parent Magazine – Odyssey was offered a full-page ad in the April addition of WNC Parent Magazine to feature a star students.  Please submit nominations to Mayven via email by Tuesday March 14th at noon.  The admin team will then meet and select the student.

VI.  Buddy Lunch – this past buddy lunch has been rescheduled to Thursday March 16th.  Please take note!

VII.  Teachers dismissed to team meetings – prepare for student led conferences and catch up on grading.