Faculty Meeting Notes, 3/22/17

I. Best Practices Presentation by Craig Deutsch

II. Buddy Lunch – the last Buddy Lunch of the year will be next month, April 6th.  May Day will be the final buddy activity of the year, therefore separate no buddy lunch in May.

III. UNCA Chancellor’s Office visits Odyssey on Tuesday March 28th! – please ensure rooms are tidy, bulletin boards have displays, and there are learning artifacts in your rooms.  All student spaces (cubbies, hooks, etc) need to be super clean.  This is an opportunity to, as Cory stated, “act as Odyssey embassadors and connect with the UNCA community.”  Megan asked if there was a morning centering group that the group could participate in would be wonderful – email her if interested.

IV. Cafe – the cafe is not being kept as clean and neat as it needs to be.  Andrew Saldino is to provide a table lay-out map to Cory so that it may be laminated and posted for reference.

V. PreK Inspectors coming soon! – Odyssey is expecting state inspectors in our building the first two weeks of May.  Inspectors come unannounced, so be ready for them when they arreive.

VI.  Spirit Month – Spirit Month will kick off on Monday April 3rd with an Odyssey Spirit day where students and staff are encouraged to wear our school colors of green and gold, or Odyssey apparel.

VII. Big Money Raffle! Please remind students to bring in their raffle tickets this Friday.  Jen will be out front to collect.

VIII.  Adjournment to class meetings.