Faculty Meeting Notes, 2/8/17

I. Best Practices by Gabe Johnson – engaging activity where Gabe played music while the staff colored – focus is to provide opportunities for students to get out of their thinking minds and into their emotional minds.

II. Website Rework – Teachers please take the time to look at your individual class site on Odyssey’s webpage (colored circles at top) by selecting the appropriate grade level and then selecting “See the Curriculum.”  Megan has updated this section and would like feedback from each class.  Please email Megan with any additions/edits and better pictures if you have them.

III. UNCA’s Chancellor is coming to Odyssey – Odyssey will host UNCA’s Chancellor and invite a photographer to the campus that day to capture images of Odyssey.  The Co-directors will work with staff to determine the best date for the visit (either a Tuesday or Thursday).  Look out for a Doodle survey and remember to participate.

IV. Racial Justice in Education – four community workshops are planned for Tuesdays this spring (April 4, April 18, May 2, May 16).  Workshops will last from 6-8pm each session.  Volunteers are needed to lead facilitation portions of the workshop as well as volunteers to cover childcare for attending parents.  If you feel called to help, or know a friend that would, please email Megan with your interest in either facilitator and childcare provider.  Staff are also encouraged to participate in the workshops as attendees.

V.  Note regarding Emailing Class Lists – when emailing rosters, be sure to copy and paste the email addresses under BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) not the To: or CC: fields.  If you need help with this request, please follow up with Megan.

VI. Kaylan – Ask to increase awareness and knowledge of Islam – Middle school took a diversity field trip this week to the Muslim Center.  Prior to leaving, the class was delayed 45 minutes, so Kaylan used the time to understand what the students knew of Islam, which was nothing.  He asks that we consider increasing the knowledge and awareness our students have around this religion.  Megan encouraged staff to consider using literature as a tool.

VII. Lydia – Heartstrong needs transportation help on Thursdays after 3:40p – for the past while Lydia has offered Heartstrong a ride on Thursdays, but due to a schedule change, she will no longer be able to help him in this way.  She would like staff to consider stepping in and helping him.  Heartstrong’s email address is heartstrong2015@icloud.com.

VIII. Day of the Heart – upcoming on February 14th, but committee is meeting today during the staff development meeting.  We will wait to hear from the committee via email with a confirmed schedule and needs.

IX. All staff must schedule a meeting with Megan to discuss the upcoming 2017/18 academic year and contracts.  Please visit the faculty portal and click the “Request a Meeting”  button near the top right of the page to set your meeting before Leapfrog Day next Thursday February 16th.

X. Meeting adjourns with faculty dividing into class groups and discussing the posted questions in the Faculty Portal. At 4:45p staff are expected to reconvene and share ideas.