Faculty Meeting Notes, 2/15/17

I. No best practices presentation today, instead Megan led staff through an Appreciation Class Meeting.

The guidelines for an Appreciation Class Meeting are as follows:

1. Be specific
2. See beyond the surface (speak to the person’s actions and/or qualities instead of the material or aesthetic)
3. No complisults (compliments with an insult)
4. Focus your appreciation towards one person who has not yet been appreciated
5. No app-backs – appreciating the person who just appreciated you
6. Speak using the 2nd person and say “thank you” afterwards
7. List all participants names on a board and wipe off once the person has been appreciated so other participants know who is left to appreciate.

II. PreK staff dismissed

III. LEAF Residencies reviewed by Cory.
Last year’s participation received positive feedback from students and staff.  This year Cory is asking the 4/5 and Middle School classes to participate.  River will coordinate with the artists.  Cory will send out an email today with three options for artists – please respond within 24 hours with preference.

IV.  Meet the Teachers event is Feb. 22nd from 6-7:30p.  Teachers were asked to email the rising group of students’ parents and invite them to participate (1st graders, 3rd graders, 5th graders and 8th graders).  Email needs to be sent to parents this Friday February 17th

If staff is planning on eating dinner prior to the event, plan on arriving at Odyssey at 5:15p on Feb. 22nd and email Megan asap with the number of pizza slices and topping preferences you’d like. 

V. Meeting concluded with class teachers working on their Meet the Teacher presentations.

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