Faculty Meeting Notes, 2/1/17

I. Class Meetings Best Practices presentation by Samata DeCori

II. Leapfrog Day is being moved from Friday to Thursday February 16th

III. Odyssey’s Annual Pancake Breakfast is happening on Saturday February 11th – Each staff member is being asked to visit Odyssey’s Facebook page and mark that they are “interested” in attending (use link – https://www.facebook.com/OdysseyCommunity/events/) .  Staff receive a discounted rate of $4 per person for the event.

IV. Mountain Express Kids’ Issue is coming out soon and there is a call for entries from students.  Please refer to the all staff email from Megan regarding entry details.  All classes are asked to participate.

V. Parent offering dance lessons – there is a parent who is available to provide private dance lessons to adults.  Any interested staff should email Megan.

VI. Day of the Heart – February 14th – event activities will occur from 9:30a to 10:30a.  Classes will meet in gym and link up with their buddies.  Planned is a 15-minute partner yoga session.  Then students will break up into three groups with 15-minute rotations thru three stations: 1) photo booth, 2) Cafe popcorn and 3) making valentines cards.

VII.  Iron Girls opportunity for Odyssey students – please refer to email sent by Megan and reply to her if you are interested.

VIII.  Adjournment to class meetings.