Faculty Meeting Notes 12/9/15

  • Andrew did a best practice on modifying curriculum to support behavioral choices
  • Paul did a Best Practice on an Overview of the ACT and SAT tests.

Faculty Party

  • Faculty Party will be a potluck at River’s House this Saturday night at 6:30.

—Email will come out with details.

—Everybody bring a dish.

—It will  be a “Pick your decade theme.”

—Possibility of someone (Calder?) to babysit for children upstairs at River’s house.

–There was a request for non-alcoholic options.

–There is a gift exchange (The gift exchange will be for something used from your house- do not buy anything)

Festival of Light

–Pre-K: This Little Light of Mine, Early/K-1: Student-Play,        2/3/: song with River,    4/5:The Turkey Spirit,    MS/ Student-written skit,       HS/ Across the Universe (song and black-light performance).

—–Please invite Cory or Megan to a rehearsal before next Thursday.    

—–Student MC’s will introduce each of the class performances, please send anything you want them to say, please send it to Megan. She will pass it on to Grace and Josh.

–There was a recommendation that the administrators pre-meditate transitions with any necessary announcements.

—Use H.S students as stagehands; particularly folks who might get antsy:  Suggestions: Cory Rommal, Campbell?

——Feedback about last years’ festival financial speech.                                         —Craig presented the sign-up sheet from Melanie for clean-up for centers and decorations.  The activities will go until 8 and then clean-up will begin at 8. Face Painting, Cave of Stars, Snow-Play.

—Any activities downstairs MUST have faculty supervision downstairs during the entirety of the event. Faculty MUST make sure all students are out of the area and the area is cleaned up before they leave.

—The committee is to send out one e-mail with the following information: Timeline of events, Station assignments, clean-up assignments.

—Please e-mail Megan or the committee with questions or comments.

Additional Announcements

  • Final Buddy Lunch: Snowflake poems in block print. Meet in the gym.    On Friday, the high is supposed to be 68 degrees.
  • We want to reach the 100% goal by January 16.
  • We will be scheduling spring observations very soon after we return in January.
  • If there is any feedback or if you are a new faculty member, please check in with Megan.

—Alternative suggestions for longer days (5:45) on faculty training/collaboration/ professional development. Take time out of free work-day time. Every other time incorporating, and extend every other meeting to 4:30. Take out time of teacher work days to get done in the classroom like you could in a spacious day. Begin the faculty meetings at 2:15.

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