Faculty Meeting Notes, 11/4/15

  • River did a Best Practice presentation on listening, sound and brain waves.



  • Lots of moving pieces with gym, including the play (students during the day and scheduled play rehearsal, the parade (back half of the gym closed down).
  • There is a posted rainy day schedule. Please search for the “official rainy schedule.” During this week, both groups for each time frame will be sharing one half of the gym.
  • Please remember to have students put balls and materials away. Please put dodge balls in the bag.
  • Andy will ask the church about moving the chairs to the other side in preparation for the upcoming dramatic performance.
  • Materials and storage.  Deflated balls can be gathered up by older students and re-inflated.
  • Please check all materials in lost and found / backstage.  They will all disappear and be donated to Goodwill.
  • Ellen wants to find all of the parts of her good blender.  Please let her know if you have seen it! She’s missing a lid.


  • Conferences on 12th and 13th.  Please use faculty handbook as a reference for the conference periods.
  • Please check it and raise any questions. Upper grades will write up a summary following the conference.
  • All grades will be posted on Renweb and need to be shared from teacher to teacher via Renweb.  Megan will check out how this is done.
  • Parents who need to reschedule can be rescheduled during a specific time frame.  Add to list during orientation that these are the two days we have.  Have class parents send out e-mail if there are multiple parents who want alternative scheduling.

Compassionate Communication

  • Please send Megan an e-mail about your feedback about the workshop.  This would also support Steve Torma as a teacher.

Movie Nights/ Babysitting

  • Courtney has requested the high school to babysit pre-school. Unlike the movie night, there will be several activity choices. Pizza will be offered.   The focus is on pre-school and is not intended for older children.  A request was made for the teachers of older students (Early K/1 and above to send out an e-mail establishing the grade level focus on pre-K for this activity.  This came under some degree of discussion.
  • The MS students perceive a conflict with their movie nights.  Gabe does not feel that there is a conflict of interest and that it could be beneficial for the MS as a step towards consistently.
  • Cory has requested that HS students and/ or student council send her information for community distribution via e-mail.