Faculty Meeting Agenda(s)

This Wednesday, we will have a Best Practice Presentation by Paul, followed by a quick debriefing of our first lock down drill, and a collective conversation about our 2017-2018 Orientation and faculty summer reading, and an in-person registration for end of year meetings for teachers who have not yet registered.

For our reflection, before we collaborate, if you would like to work digitally – here is a copy of our questions!

Looking ahead, below are our anticipated agendas for the remainder of the year. Please let me know if you have questions or requests!

May 3rd: BP – Christine Eide. Board Lunch. May Day prep.

May 10th: BP – Ellen. K-5 Presentation of ELS Spectrum to 6-12.

May 17th: BP – Saldino. 4-8 will be on their end of year trips. Prepping for end of year grades/reports.

May 24th: Very brief meeting, time allotted for upcoming honoring ceremonies.

Friday, May 26th: Plan for an afternoon all-faculty meeting. TBA.