Faculty Meeting, 5/11/16

Today’s meeting will begin with a Best Practice Presentation by Melanie, and we will meet in the gym!

Following, we will discuss the building, end of year conferences, yearbooks, summer reading, and our agenda for our last Wednesday meeting together: May 18th.

Finally, we will break into groups:

PreK is with Courtney.

Early K-5 will be working on planning discussions for next year. Please also give care (and, perhaps, schedule your time accordingly) to meeting your ELS end of year goals.

Upper Grades will discuss when grades are due, end of year trip attendance, and 2016-2017 scheduling.

ReminderIf you have students who signed up to participate in our LEAF program, they are required to attend all rehearsal hours. We recognize this takes some flexibility on your part as teachers, for which we are grateful, and please do not excuse any students (older students in particular) from participation. Their free Saturday pass is contingent on their commitment to rehearse and give their best performance, as they are representing our community and our school.

Odyssey School is an independent, non-profit school with a focus on whole child, emotionally intelligent, personalized curriculum for students in PreK-12. Our mission is to prepare students, families, and educators to lead lives of intention and purpose with an authentic sense of self.

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