Faculty Meeting 2/17/16

Faculty Reflections and expressions of gratitude for the Day of the Heart and seasonal school-wide centerings in general

Ø  The celebration worked really well for the time frame and the setting.  The morning felt organized and there was a balance of activities.

Ø  Team created an emotional and social experience that happened right away. Students doing the action that brought everyone together.

Ø  The celebration went really smoothly.  Students looked like they were enjoying it.

Ø  Drum circle represented Integral on many different levels.

Ø  H.S students were very engaged. Students were continually engaged. Everybody had their time to be part of the drum circle.

Ø  One person mentioned that this celebration was one of her favorites. Drum Circle idea was enthusiastically received.  Younger Buddies brought older buddies into the circle.  There was a question about the fact that two Pre-K teachers were on the same festival committee.

Ø   The celebration was a pleasure in terms of how well organized and timed everything was all morning.  There was no sense of “herding.” Everyone was where they needed to be at all times.  Activity times were appropriate.

Ø  It was a great committee and very helpful.  It was useful to engage students for the various jobs. Folks seemed to enjoy the condensed nature of the celebration. It was stated that this teacher enjoyed going right into Buddy Lunch.

Ø  One teacher stated that students did not seem to be aware of the change to the format.  Having a school-wide centering is less stressful to adults.

Ø  One parent mentioned that that the Day of the Heart celebration used to be longer.  It seems to be much better for the older students.

Ø  The simplicity of the event did not seem to be impacted by having two people from the same grade level on the same team. It was useful not to have an intense level of decoration.  There was a teacher who appreciated the length of each activity and the ability to get reminders about timeliness/transition.

Ø  The Buddy Lunch may have been too much for the Pre-K students.  It might have been different to have the Buddy Lunchoutside. The celebratory nature made it harder to contain the energies of the younger children inside.

Ø  Someone mentioned that they liked how contained the celebration was and how each of the centers were self-explanatory.

Ø  One of the teachers mentioned that it was their favorite centering so far this year.  The same teacher mentioned that some of the MS students wanted a longer experience in order to have more time off school.

Ø  A suggestion was made to include an older student on each one of the celebration committees.

Ø  It was mentioned that there had to be a time person to organize time tasks for the transitions. The set-up and clean-up still takes time. The Buddy Lunch provided supervision for the clean-up procedures to take place.

Ø  The general recommendations for future celebrations included: Utilize a timekeeper.  Consider whether to have the Buddy Lunch on the same day as the School-wide celebrations. Could the seasonal celebrations be the Buddy event for that month? Include an older student on the celebrations committees.

Ø  River is really talented at what he is doing with the students for holding the space and holding the rhythm.

Ø  The question was raised: what can we do with the photos, since students wanted copies of their photos. 


Ø  If you have a case of lice in your classroom, please send an e-mail to your parents. When you email, please BCC staff/ admin.

Ø  Jen sent a template to the faculty.

Asheville Kids have a Lot to Say for Mountain Express

Ø     The deadline is this Friday; although we have some flexibility – please let Megan know if you intend to be late. The contest is open for Pre-K through 12th grade. 

Ø     Each grade is to have at least 5 submissions to be sent in.

Ø      The theme is Who Am I?   Teachers can upload it for the students. Illustrations are scanned or photographed.

Leapfrog Day:

Ø  Friday is Leapfrog Day.

Ø  Time frame for the classroom moves will be dependent on the age level.

Ø  Rising 9th graders will spend time all day in H.S.

Ø  Younger grades will be going to the next grade level at some point in the morning. Specific timing will be decided in break-out groups.

Ø  The request was made to keep Susan informed since Samata will be out of town.

Ø  H.S students will do a Q&A and there will be a presentation and centering lunch

Ø  The question was raised: Will we have all pre-K students who are rising K students coming to Early K/1. Answer was yes.

Meet the Teachers Night:

Ø  Next Wednesday will be Meet the Teachers Night, from 6-7:30.

Ø  We are going to be asking parents to come who are currently enrolled.

Ø  Next week will be Gabe’s best practice.  Then faculty will be excused for the afternoon.

Ø  Teachers are asked to please be back here by 5:45 and be sure rooms are visitor-ready.

Ø  There will be reading assignment for each grade level that will be talked about during the next faculty meeting.

Ø  Admin. will be out front as greeters at least for the beginning. Parents will be directed to go to the individual classroom.

Ø  Megan will be doing the presentation for the upper grades.

Ø  During break-out sessions, we will talk more specifically about grade level expectations for that meeting.

Ø  Teachers are to plan for diverse needs with both current, rising OCS families and prospective families outside the community.

Ø  This is not planned to be an open house that people will be wondering in and out all evening.

Ø  Please personally ask parents to attend the meeting for the next grade level.

Ø  The question was raised: can there be a visual poster or invitation throughout the school? — YES.

Ø  The time frame is Wednesday.6:00 -7:30.

Ø  Megan will be in touch with more information.

Parent Survey:

Parent Survey will close on Friday to help inform for your planning for spring. Of the 20 people who have responded, 90% have been very happy (with one outlier at 8/10).


  • The OCS newsletter will be coming out tomorrow.
  • Please put a note into next week’s classroom newsletter about re-enrollment.   We want to support our returning families that can be included in the next classroom newsletter.   We may be counting spaces at several grade levels.


  • Artist this month is an illustrator who has worked with different grade levels.  He is open to coming in to meet/work with students.  He is donating a percentage to OCS.