Faculty Meeting 1/28/15

Faculty Meeting Notes

Staff Meeting January 28, 2014


Day of the Heart: Friday, February 13, 2015

  • 3-5 min. performance.
  • Kirtan,
  • Photo Booth (Any fun props top hats, neckties, etc.
  • Peace Flag
  • Checker station
  • Word Search
  • Tic Tac Toe,
  • Sensory Station Essential oils, music
  • Waltzing/Waltz lessons for older students
  • Volunteers for centers
  • E-mail to parents for volunteers: announcement for newsletters
  • High School Rewards—Any HS. (Get ideas for H.S. involvement)
  • Request for Wednesday before
  • Science stations
  • Appreciations Station

Recap of meeting yesterday 1/27/15

  • Marketing
  • Grant committee
  • Sign on Broadway
  • Blind Pig,
  • Odyssey business or brand

Raised 20,000 from community

  • Local family without children in the program/ Matching donation 30, 000.
  • Still need to raise 36, 000.  Ask each family 725. 00. Admin will connect with every family and possibly sponsor other other families/ scholarship for this fund.   Some donations already today.  Thermometer will track progress out front.
  • Be a compassionate ear for families that cannot give.   Encourage them to check with admin for alternative giving options such as sponsoring,  payment plan with 3 payments
  • Moonwalks the length of the gym when we reach that goal.
  • Connect with alumni has already happened.
  • Budgets will be made at next month’s board meeting. We have been frugal and are looking at individual line items.

Visit the Future Open House/Brainstorm

  • Pie Social, food, pie, tea, lemonade,
  • Interactive Games in Classrooms
  • Technology
  • Gathering in 1st ten minutes
  • Student Performance
  • Combine with a Festival/Day of the Herat Performance
  • Teacher Presentations
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Trifold walk-through to create a long view/samples of work, slideshow, work samples

Same idea –teachers stay in their classrooms.

Mini-presentations/mini lessons/slideshow on projector/ teacher presentation/ studetns available. ( Sign-up in advance)

  • Movie night for kids.  Each classroom had an activity,
  • Continuous slideshow in Smart Board Room
  • Present parents could collaborate with prospective parents
  • Recycle already made games/ curricular tools, work samples
  • Incentive for parents /volunteer hours.
  • Sell copies of the music video/Burned CD/
  • Percentage of parents that show up for a pizza party.
  • Coupons from grocery or restaurant.
  • Door prizes
  • What makes this grade level Integral/design
  • Make it on the weekend and make it an event

Compilation Notes:

  • On a Weekend event, that would bring people in, Free Planet Radio, River’s band, Billy Jonas, etc.
  • Games and activity on a  fun Day
  • 2-3 minute performance from each grade level,
  • Social and Mingling
  • Short combined session: What is Integral and What is Design.
  • 2 sessions Childcare with work samples
  • Combined with Raffle/Night of the Arts.
  • —————————————————————————
  • Kids greeting prospective families at the door and
  • General introduction.
  • Photo Scavenger hunt: Take a picture of buddy, music performance, art work and ceramics, lab, something to highlight the gym, fish in aquaphonics, slide shows art work displays, etc.
  • (Each classroom have a 5 item scavenger hunt for children with parents/bumper sticker)
  • Parents break and go into individual classrooms.  Parents and students
  • Sample lesson,
  • Pie social in evening. Prizes and drawings
  • Students guides
  • Meet and greet, food and tables, sign in, door prizes, name tags,
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Questions and prizes, prospective parents join up with new parents.   Questions could be clues for a prize ( coffee, tea, students make hand-made scarves, etc.)
  • 6PM-7:30
  • Centering or interactive game, slide show, faculty poem video,  pair up prospective parents with new parents explain buddy program.
  • Move to classroom.  Students talk about their experience of those classes.
  • Poll everyone to see what the experience was for a feedback loop.
  • Presentation during Day of the Heart.
  • Each teacher share knowledge and it might showcase their program.   Showcasing 1 of the Strand.  This is how the strand or strands are addressed in
  • This is how Integral is addressed; This is how Design is addressed.  This is how This is how the Strands are addressed.


  • Incentive is getting kids involved
  • Megan–Really short introduction
  • Teachers do a very short presentation in teaching teams (2-3)
  • Staff poem and/or middle school video
  • In student orientation, do more Presentation and less interactive to move things a little faster
  • Talk about buddies. Pair up parents from different grade levels or old/ new families.
  • Students perform Day of the Heart (1/2 to 45 min) or as guides
  • Then go back to the classrooms
  • Computers with mini-mester films, poems, classroom videos on computers with ear phones in the back of the gym
  • In K-1 have the Pre-K faculty in the play area and Samata and I are talking to parents
  • Classroom scavenger hunts 5 things with bumper stickers
  • Presentation with work samples and slides or video (Can be used in Open Houses to come)
  • Manipulatives
  • Parents engage with current students.
  • MS or HS students running a game for new student visitors. Gym set up as a dedicated play area or visit classroom that they are visiting with a child care option.  Calder and HS students can earn points by planning game centers as a reflection of the buddy thing.

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