Faculty In-Service Agenda

This week’s meeting is an in-service, which means we will work until 5:15. We will begin with a best practice presentation by Gabe, and then we will have the Day of the Heart committee prep us for our upcoming centering.

Whole-Term Planning Workshop

In Break-Out groups, you will work on the following prompts. Be prepared to reconvene at 4:45 as a whole group to share your highlights of your plans.

  • Create engaging plans for Leap Frog Day
  • How do we prepare students in the aesthetics of self-organization? Consider precision, organization of information on a page, organization of academic materials, basic note-taking skills, and personal information tracking.
  • How will your students “publish” their work this semester? Examples of this include the K1 Ruby Bridges Newsletter, last year’s High School student opeds published in the Mountain Xpress, and the middle school reading at UNCA’s ArtsFest.

Other Notes

  • Next week’s faculty meeting will be focused on Meet the Teachers planning.
  • Please schedule a meeting with Megan to discuss the 2017-2018 school year before February 17. You can use the “schedule a meeting” button in the Faculty Portal.
  • Middle School will need to reschedule an in-service Wednesday to complete this work. Please email Megan your new date.