Soccer in our Physical Education Program!

Eli Brasch is teaching soccer classes to our elementary students: an opportunity which deepens Odyssey’s engagement with the physical strand!

Eli experiences soccer as a metaphor for life.  As students learn to play within the structure of the game, they build personal strength within the strength of the integrated system of their team.  In order to experience the beauty of the game, like experiencing the beauty of life, players must see what they can do on their own as well as what they can accomplish with others.  Students encounter abstract space, structure, and form; individual will is set next to self sacrifice for the common good; perseverance and sportsmanship are paramount.

Physically, soccer develops hand foot coordination, which automatically develops hand eye coordination, so soccer players are often able to excel in multiple sports.  Meanwhile, students learn about physical conditioning as players must run long distances and sprints, be able to jump, turn and pivot, hold players off with their upper body and achieve a high level of agility and balance.  There is a reason soccer is named, “The Beautiful Game.”  Eli incorporates these different skills in a developmentally appropriate way, supporting students of all ages and skill levels to advance in their exploration of the sport.

Born in Charlotte a long time ago, but not a really long time ago, Eli has been playing soccer for over thirty years at a very high level.  He has coached for five years. Currently, Eli plays for two adult teams, will be a licensed national youth coach this summer, and is working on his second novel.  Eli has lived in Asheville for sixteen years and has been a member of ABASA for eight years.