December 3rd All-Faculty Meeting Notes

*Best Practices with Jesse on interpretive art/poetry.

*Trying to reach 1,000 Likes on Facebook.  Please encourage friends and family to Like the OCS Facebook page

*Positively Odyssey on Saturday, December 6 as an informal gathering/dressy. Talk to parents in classroom in one-on-one basis to encourage attendance.  We have 51 RSVP’s so far.  There will be wine and cider with food.

*Fire Drill notes for 12/3/14

— Head count for 2/3 shared with all three teachers for lunch time coverage.

–Adjunct teachers, please print out a roster for your class from Ren Web.

–We should theoretically have fire drills once a month.

–Please remember to close doors during the fire alarm for fire control and to signify to sweeper that everyone is out of the room.

–Please don’t tell students about when drills happen, except for pre-K and K-1 to help them be educated about procedures and to process any emotional challenges that are unfolding.

–HS needs to model for younger children that they need to be sitting still.

* We will have a Tornado Drill when we get back in the Spring semester.

*We would like to have a holiday party right after school on Friday 12/19.  Does anyone have a house that can accommodate faculty? Perhaps Melanie’s house, although it is 25 minutes out of town. The party will potentially be after school on Friday, December 19 after school or on Saturday.

*Please check updates for Open House team. Please lay out learning artifacts and tidy up each classroom.

*Parent & Student surveys are due to Megan on Monday, 12/8.