Claire Roboski

3 / 4 Homeroom Teacher, she / her

Claire Roboski (she/her) is a passionate teacher with a multidisciplinary background in education, psychology, holistic coaching, Ayurveda, and yoga. After receiving her BS from the University of Indiana at South Bend in education and psychology, Claire has taught children and adults for more than twelve years and in a myriad of settings: inner city, charter, independent schools, and studio classrooms. She has extensive qualifications in nonviolent conflict resolution and is a certified yoga instructor, with a focus on alleviating trauma and anxiety.                                                                       

Claire is passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of students, colleagues, clients, teammates, and the larger Asheville community. She fosters relationships across a wide variety of socioeconomic and multicultural backgrounds, and is interested in teaching/modeling empathy, gratitude, and resilience among all of her students, from pre-k through adults. She is detail-oriented, data driven, and always looking for ways to improve.

She grew up in Ohio and Virginia and she loves to travel abroad. When she is not working with students, you can find her teaching or attending a yoga class, at the gym lifting, at the combat club learning jiu jitsu, or curled up at home with her two cats and a good book.